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In other words, properly stated, on 2/1/2016 it is 4 days until 2/5/2016, and on 2/5/2016, 2/1/2016 was 4 days ago.For US and Europe date formatting use a forward slash (/), a period (.), or a dash (-): Today's date is based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) or Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).Once the app is installed you can enable each utility in the same way as explained above.

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It’s 2014; i OS 8 has landed and brought along widgets.

If you told me this would happen 2 years ago I’d have laughed. While widgets in i OS 8 share a lot in common with the ones on Android, the implementation and interactions are totally different.

Once you’ve downloaded the i OS 8 update for the app that features a widget, pull down the Notification Center, go to the button.

Some widgets will work immediately while some will need you to open the newly updated app once. Utilities are ready to go as soon as you scroll and start tapping.

I’ll be updating this post every couple of days so feel free to bookmark the page.

The Evernote widget provides quick access buttons for a new note, photo, reminder, or list.

Try out as many widgets as you like but after experimenting, only keep the ones you really need.

And now, here’s the running list of the best third party widgets I’ve come across.

For starters, the widgets are in the Today view of the Notification Center, not the home screen.

The widgets will only be activated when they have something to show. The first slew of widgets features everything from live updates for websites and game scores to utilities for quick calculations.

The premise of a widget is that it either gives you information faster than it would take you to open the app or lets you launch an app-specific shortcut.

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