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Here are the basic points of our guide, geared at new swingers.

Why Swingers Are Happier People: Sexual Exploration & Openness Brings Joy Learn to let go of your inhibitions with a swinging lifestyle.

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Your Swinger Online Dating Profile: What Pictures Work Best The most important part of any dating profile is the picture. We’ll teach you how to take and post the perfect snapshot.

Your Swinger Dating Profile Description: What Swingers Look For In Profiles Worried about making the right impression?

Learn where to take the party after you’re sure everything’s going well. Understanding Swinger Lingo: The Most Used Expressions & What They Mean Don’t get stuck as the only one who doesn’t understand what’s going on around you.

Get familiar with swinger terms and be in the know as soon as possible.

If you come off too rough, you’re going to have issues.

Remember that most of the people you’re going to be meeting have been in the scene for quite some time.

We’ll help you knock their socks off (and everything else too) with a great profile description.

Three Best First Messages To Use If You’re a Single Guy While many swinging couples are looking to meet other couples, plenty want to hook up with just one person.

If done successfully, you can create a fabulous swinger lifestyle.

If not, you’re going to be back at square one, wondering why no one wants to sleep with you.

Use this guide to find out exactly what other swingers want to hear from a couple sending a first message on the Internet.

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