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Mike reached across the table to examine mine."You were born in 1966? That's so weird."The word rattled around in my head, even after he changed the subject to his upcoming marathon training. The banter that had come so easily seemed stilted in the bar. I said yes, but as soon as I got to the meet-up spot, I wanted to drive away. It wasn't what they were wearing—I was wearing an athletic tank top and hiking pants, same as the other women—but they all seemed so carefree.

I didn't know them personally, but I was pretty sure none of them had been divorced—which I had by time I was their age.

In general, he's good at making things workin a way that always surprises me.

It's about appreciating the moment, not taking a cozy night in for granted, and not letting the time we do have pass us by.

He's always the one to suggest heading out to the mountains for an all-weekend hike.

I got married in my early 20s and divorced a few years later.

My experience, plus being friends with so many divorced women, has made me skeptical about love.

We adopted a dog together, which was a really big deal for me.

Whenever I thought about getting a pet, I'd always think, Mike helped me realize that none of those questions mattered—yes, it was good to know we could take care of her and had some stability, but that we'd always figure out a way to make things work.

But in general, people don't dwell on our age difference.

Two years later, Mike and I are definitely a couple—we live together and we're deeply in love.

I was pretty sure I was going to spend the rest of my life alone, and I'd made my peace with that.

I'd gone on enough dates that didn't lead anywhere—often with much more age-appropriate matches than Mike­—and I just didn't see the point in pretending we were something we weren't.

We talk in terms of a permanent "we"—weshould buy a house, we want to live by the ocean at some point in our lives.

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