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-This site is FUN with a capital "F" expect to be entertained as whilst you search for the one that you are looking for.The site is ideal for those that are open to new experiences and happy to interect with tons of people on a dailiy basis.

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It is a highly recommended dating website and I was interested to see what was on offer.

The first thing that struck me when I first entered the site was the simple but effective layout and design.

You have the option of writing your own dating diary, not only for your own information but also for helpful hints and tips to new members.

You are also updated on recent diary entries from others, giving you an insight into others journeys and you can even find recommendations of members from those that know best, the ones that have dated them!

Under each profile you go into, there is the added extra of categories for viewing what the database thinks of your chosen person in terms of personality and romance matching.

All designed to help you get the most out of the compatibility factor.

This rules out anyone that is using the site for fun or for any other inappropriate reason.

Before they could make a list of any recommended choices, I needed to view other profiles and/or send winks so that the database can get an idea of the kind of people I was interested in.

Every page is clearly categorised with no confusing sub categories or endless links.

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