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It's more fun Some dating sites claim to be the place to find someone to marry.

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I am Virgo, my boyfriend is an Aries- March 21; we met six year ago; He is older than me 16 years; he is the first guy that I met; we have lived together three years than married.

I never been happy while living with him after a few week when I knew he flirt with another lady. One day, his friend ran to me while I went to do my food shopping; he confessed that he loved and want to make me happy because of what my boyfriend treated me that way. Anyway, I never felt for this guy even though he is my boyfriend's friend.

he was a well dressed, secretive, hard worker who does well at what he does. Opposites did attract, he was very techniqued in his sex, but I definitely did enjoy it.

He always left me wanting more, and as a Pisces woman I didn't push the subject or nag him.

Online dating is now widely accepted as a valid, convenient & fun way of meeting like-minded people.

New Zealanders using have found meeting people online is more convenient and comfortable than through 'normal' offline channels such as bars and parties.

I'm trying to hold back a bit, but he seems to be dream come true material !?!?!? I am praying, and wishing on that lucky star, he is the one x I am a Pisces woman and my Virgo man and I have been friends for a long time and the connection is there but I guess if we were to take our friendship to a relationship things could get heated real quick, in a great way... He's a real charmer and I know he would be a great lover in the bedroom, "I just don't want to get hooked" lol. Other than that he is a great friend with the potential of being my man.

Opposites do attract and sometimes it's a good thing!

He treated me as a crap; tells me to do every thing his way. He wanted me go out with him; he told me, " he divorced four years ago and looking for me in everywhere because he loved me." I told him, No!! Even though I ended up divorce my Aries man in the future, I never get this Pisces guy; I don't really care if Pisces has money or just older than me five years; he called me every day until I disconnected my cell phone.

If I don't follow his Idea, we are fighting as dog-none stop. I told my older sister, she said, "Stay away from a man who his wife divorced from him. But I am hardly living with my Aries man; I told him to divorce me if I'm wrong, yet he doesn't do it. I am in love with a Pisces woman myself........we share a great sensitivity towards each other......times she does blame me for being too much logical while at times I do feel that she would have been more cautious!! I recently had a 5 month relationship with a Virgo man [1st Sept] my age. We shouldn't have met at all, really, as our locations are 65 miles apart.

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