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To test the hypothesis, researchers sought cases in which nuclear decay could be compared against some other natural phenomenon.Think of radioactive nuclei as a clock that ticks (i.e. The only way to demonstrate that nuclear processes “ticked” faster in the past was to compare their decay rates to another, more accurate clock.” After following their research for many years, I conclude that they read this clock poorly.

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Several lines of geologic evidence indicate that the thermal history of Fenton Hill has been anything but uniform.

Recent (geologically speaking) volcanic activity has raised the ground temperature at the site to over twice the typical value across the continent.

The helium diffusion clock used by the RATE team was actually a complex mathematical model describing the process of helium diffusion from zircon crystals.

One may legitimately ask, “How well did they read their diffusion clock?

The following figure contrasts their constant temperature profile to a realistic time-dependent one.

As shown, the temperature over the last 500 million years was well below the current temperature.However, this strategy began to change in 1997, when Dr. The only possible solution, apart from abandoning a young-earth position altogether, was to postulate that nuclear decay rates were accelerated in the recent past. The ensuing eight-year research program, called RATE for Radioisotopes and the Age of The Earth, acknowledged that much larger quantities of nuclear decay have occurred in most geological processes than could be explained by an earth only a few thousand years old.Taken together, these two errors alone prove serious enough to invalidate the helium diffusion argument for supporting accelerated nuclear decay.However, the question still remains as to whether the existing data can be reconciled with an old earth.the manner in which temperature affects the motion of atoms).

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