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Males measure 500–533 millimetres (19.7–21.0 in) in body length and 114–127 millimetres (4.5–5.0 in) in tail length, thus constituting 22–25% of its body length. The base color is pale yellowish or buffy above and below.

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It has few whiskers, and its ears are triangular, short, erect and broad at the base. The toes are armed with sharp, very slightly arched claws.

The feet on both surfaces are covered in hair, even to the soles, thus concealing the claws.

This suggests that the black-footed ferret and prairie dogs did not historically have an obligate predator-prey relationship.

The species has likely always been rare, and the modern black-footed ferret represents a relic population.

The face is crossed by a broad band of sooty black, which includes the eyes.

The feet, lower parts of the legs, the tip of the tail and the preputial region are sooty-black.

The oldest recorded fossil find originates from Cathedral Cave, White Pine County, Nevada, and dates back to 750,000–950,000 years ago.

Anecdotal observations and 42% of examined fossil records indicated that any substantial colony of medium- to large-sized colonial ground squirrels, such as Richardson's ground squirrels, may provide a sufficient prey base and a source of burrows for black-footed ferrets.

Though similar in size to polecats, its attenuate body, long neck, very short legs, slim tail, large orbicular ears and close-set pelage is much closer in conformation to weasels and stoats.

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