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Try disabling the following: Use Last Known Good Configuration to correct instability or startup problems by reversing the most recent system and driver changes within a hardware profile.

When you use this feature, you lose all configuration changes that were made since you last successfully started your system.

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Clicking this link brings up what will probably be a long list of updates (it could be a short list if your computer is new, however). This can be a helpful troubleshooting tool, as it may help narrow down an update that could have caused your system problems. Clicking this link will bring you to a screen which will undo the update. In the main Windows Update window, you can see options in blue on the left.

The main one you will need here is "Change settings." This is where you change Windows Update options.

There are a number of other options in this screen.

I advise checking the options in the screen shown here.

Using the Last Known Good Configuration restores previous drivers and also restores registry settings for the subkey HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Current Control Set.

Windows XP Professional does not update the Last Known Good control set until you successfully start the operating system in normal mode and log on.Here's what they mean: Clicking on the link for the available updates (in this example, the "6 optional updates are available" link) brings up the above screen.You can install some, all or none of the options by clicking the check-box to the left of the item.Here's how to manage automatic updating in ​Windows 7 (articles already exist on how to do this for Vista and XP).First, click the Start button, then click Control Panel on the right side of the menu. Click System and Security (outlined in red.) You can click on any of the images in this article to get a larger version. Note that under this heading, there are a number of options.There are few things more important to your Windows computer than keeping your operating system (OS) software -- Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 in most cases -- up to date.

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