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Kissing somebody you love feels good, but I'm glad you're thinking this through.

Trying to get a sexual charge, a couple is likely to keep going further, becoming more physically intimate.

That's especially true if you have two, three, four or a dozen sexual partners by the time you find the person you want to stay with forever. That mindset—and the consequences that follow—can be difficult to overcome, even after a person is married.

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But please don't underestimate the value of a kiss—or its power.

When deep, passionate kissing goes on for long, it's simply a warm-up for sex.

How are you supposed to grow closer together if you can't show your love, affection and commitment to each other in a more passionate way than kissing?

Besides, in most relationships, kissing comes into the picture within a couple of weeks. The Bible very clearly views sexual intercourse as an expression of love belonging only to married couples. It's also a spiritual interchange that binds two people's hearts and souls together.

It's well known that couples who live together and have a sexual relationship before marriage are more likely to divorce.

The fact is, sex before marriage isn't good preparation for a marriage.

Anything that keeps you from talking together is a mistake!

As for French kissing, it's certainly very intimate.

Once you get beyond a minute or two, I think you're asking more from a kiss than a kiss has to give. My girlfriend and I have been going out for almost a month and a half. I am pretty sure she feels the same way, but now I'm afraid that eventually our relationship will become boring. If kisses are the biggest thrill in your relationship, you'll get bored soon.

Kisses are a wonderful way to express affection and appreciation, but by themselves, they aren't much to appreciate.

When couples place themselves in intimate settings with no one around, they are likely to find that French kissing leaves them sexually excited and they simply want to go farther and farther.

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