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By the time Sheriff Sam Jernigan took office in 1923, rum runners and bootleggers were commonplace along the coastline and in Orange County's harbors, using them as a base of operation for smuggling Canadian liquor into the country.Thanks to Jernigan's diligence, many of them ended up serving time in the new county jail on Sycamore Street in Santa Ana, a building that would serve as OCSD's main jail and headquarters for the next forty-four years.

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To meet this need, he formed the Sheriff's Emergency Reserve, which eventually became the department's current Reserve Bureau.

In 1946, retired NFL star and former deputy James A.

This was made worse by the fact that in addition to his normal responsibilities, the sheriff was now required to assist with mandatory civil defense measures such as air raid drills and blackouts, as well as help police the seven wartime military bases within the county borders.

Elliott suddenly found himself responsible for twice as many duties with only a fraction of his former staff to carry them out.

Most of the county had outlawed liquor by the time Sheriff Calvin Jackson took office in 1915.

Raids of "blind pig" businesses that served as fronts for illegal liquor sales were commonplace.But the county was expanding, and the department grew with it.The Spurgeon Square Jail was opened by Sheriff Joe Nichols in 1897, and the Orange County Courthouse followed in 1901.When Congress passed the 18th Amendment in 1920, Prohibition became the law of the land.Suppressing illegal liquor operations became a major focus for the department over the next decade.Sheriff Theo Lacy (the second and fourth sheriff of Orange County, who served from 1890-18-1911) was able to move from borrowed office space in Santa Ana to a dedicated headquarters in the courthouse that remained in operation until 1924.

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