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Often they don’t even have a regular job and sleep with different men every night.

So be careful not just to stay clean and wear a condom if you take one back to your place but also to look after your belongings as she might disappear in case something happens – it’s safer to take a bar girl who doesn’t normally cause problems as you know where to find her the next day.

Means when you are walking around town and like someone in the supermarket, shopping mall just anywhere you try to make eye contact with her, then give her a smile (and unlike women in our home countries these girls actually smile back instead of thinking or even saying aloud what do you want from me, stranger? You can then just go to her and start some small talk like what she’s doing and where she’s going, what’s her name and say her English is very good before asking for her phone number or inviting her for a drink or dinner right away.

You can even skip the smiling part because some Khmer girls may like you but are a bit shy to look at you as a foreigner so you can approach her by asking for direction to a landmark or advice on any other thing you (pretend to) would like to know about.

It’s really hard to tell whether you are talking to a freelancer or “normal” girl who likes you but one thing you can keep in mind is Khmer girls usually go out in groups so if you are meeting someone who is just standing around by herself in the club and tells you her friends already went home for sleeping – then she might indeed be a freelancer and you can save your money buying her drinks until she eventually reveals herself.

The most classical way to meet Cambodian girls is to simply approach them in everyday situations.

So here comes your option number four to meet and sleep with Cambodian Girls: You do like most of the expats and increasingly many tourists do and sign up for Asian Dating, the most popular dating site in Cambodia.

By doing so you can not only spontaneously arrange dates when you are in Cambodia but already plan your trip ahead and make appointments for eating together or “watching a movie” from at home.

When you're ready with girls you like, send a message to them all.

You should send more than one persons to increase your chance because not all of them respond to your message.

That’s why I decided to found Cambodia Redcat to write it all down right on the point.

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