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East of Bahawalpur is the Pat, or Bar, a tract of land considerably higher than the adjoining valley.

It is chiefly desert irrigated by the Sutlej inundation canals and yields crops of wheat, cotton, and sugarcane.

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Information: Title: Nawab Race: Daudputra Religion: Islam Area Size: 15,000 Sqm Gun Salute: 17 Bahawalpur City, is located in southeastern Punjab province, Pakistan. Bahawalpur originally was a vassal of the great Sikh empire built by Maharajah Ranjeet Singh.

Urdu, Punjabi and English are also spoken and understood by most of the people.

It is a center for trade in wheat, cotton, millet, and rice grown in the surrounding region. Sutlej (Chinese, Langqên Zangbo or Xiangquan He; Indian, Satlej), chief tributary of the Indus River.

It rises in Tibet, flows south-west through Himachal Pradesh State, India, and then passes through the great arid plains of Punjab Province, Pakistan, joining the Indus after a course of about 1,450 km (900 mi.).

Description : Located in a very quiet setting, this home offers a spectacular view of the valley and the greenery that surrounds the area. It consists of 1 bedroom, sitting room, kitchen and a large bathroom.

There is a foot path that leads to Agio Gerouslim beach and Fiskardo is about 8kms away.

The Sutlej is the south-easternmost of the five rivers of the Punjab, the other four being its two main tributaries, the Beâs and the Chenab, together with two branches of the latter.

Below the confluence of the Beâs, the river is sometimes called the Ghara, and its lowest course, after receiving the Chenab, is called the Panjnad ("five rivers").

There are many historical sites in the area, including Uch, southwest of Bahawalpur, an ancient town dating from Indo-Scythian (Yüeh-chih) settlement (c. Bahawalpur is also an important agricultural training and educational center.

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