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They were so like the Spanish that the Europeans were called Viracochas the moment they came to the Inca Empire.The Incas thought they were the Viracochas who had come sailing back across the Pacific. According to the principal Inca legend, before the reign of the first Inca, the sun-god, Con-Ticci Viracocha, had taken leave of his kingdom in present day Peru and sailed off into the Pacific with all his subjects.

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A red-haired mummy recovered from the Nevado Ampato, Peru, in the mountains near the famous Machu Picchu mountaintop fortress.

They asked the Indians to tell them who had left these enormous ruins.

The well known chronicler, Cieza de Leon, was told in reply that these things had been made long before the Incas came to power.

They were made by White and bearded men like the Spaniards themselves. The White men had finally abandoned their statues and gone with the leader, Con-Ticci Viracocha, first up to Cuzco, and then down to the Pacific.

They were given the Inca name of Viracocha, or "sea foam', because they were white skinned and vanished like foam over the sea.

The pyramids are closely connected with both the constellation and the great priests, of the Lemurians and Atlanteans, who held the records of universal history. The north coast is an exact copy of Egypt’s environment.

The Lambayeque Valley has 260 pyramids and was ruled by kings like Pharaohs.

The oriental race is claimed to be reserved for the oldest souls reincarnating back to earth.

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