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30, was "Houses of Worship Meet Landmarking Bureaucracy."It was the second of the series that struck me the hardest.

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But once the building’s distinctive features had been erased, the battle was lost.

The commission went ahead with its hearing, but ultimately decided not to designate the structure because it had been irreparably changed.

This will surely tide you over until Bicycle Thieves finally makes its way to Blu-Ray later this year.

Bitter Rice is a film that’s often cited as De Santis’ masterpiece and it would be hard to argue otherwise.

With Bitter Rice, it’s that romanticized normalcy that Santis sets the stage for a working class drama to unfold in Northern Italy’s Po Valley.

Eventually we learn a bit more about Silvana with her dancing, “boogie woogie” enticing ways.

She seems to evoke the longing of every man she encounters and teases them thoroughly. Silvana being young and breathtaking is a bit of a mirror for western with a good amount of naiveté thrown in for good measure.

Silvana especially attracts the eyes of Marco (Raf Vallone) who is a lost, soon-to-be-discharged soldier looking for someone to share his life with.

Another bill, proposed by Rosie Mendez, a city councilwoman representing the Lower East Side and the East Village, would require the commission to notify the buildings department as soon as a property comes under consideration, even if a hearing has not been scheduled.

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