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If I want to communicate anything, it's that I regret every dirty deed I've ever committed during my wayward youth.

I like to watch baseball, football, soccer and hockey. It would be so awesome to get my art out all over the world. There is no denying that at times it can get very lonely in jail. I'm a left handed cancer who always looks for the best in a situation and loves to help people. I am 30 years old, 6'2", 190 lbs, blonde hair and green eyes. When I'm not in prison I enjoy doing outdoor activities like camping, hiking, swimming, etc. I strongly believe not everybody in prison is a bad person. My name is Michel but most individuals just call me Mike especially since I'm presently doing time in Ontario.

When I get out I plan on opening a tattoo and clothing shop. I'm looking for a female companion to become friends with. I have no expectations and I'm searching for a friend to pass the time with. I have a strong family support system so I'm not looking for a sugarmamma. My way of giving back to society is to help others especially our next generation.

Looking for ongoing conversations from real, fun and sexy people. Both of my grandparents passed away the same year back in 2014 and that was hard on me because I was not able to go to their funeral. I enjoy lifting weights and being physically active. I was born in Montreal, Quebec but raised mostly in Ontario.

I enjoy a lot of types of music such as Rap, Metal and Country. I am attracted to women with tattoos and piercings. I'm not into racist people as I have a mixed race family. I plead guilty and took a deal that would free my little brother from any prosecution. I am looking for a pen pal or possibly a relationship if the chemistry is right. I like to keep busy so I workout a lot and I enjoy what I do. If you like what you hear and you are interested in contacting me, please do. I listen to almost any kind of metal music; the heavier the better. I am currently working on completing my high school. If you want to get to know me on a personal level please drop me a line. I am serving a life sentence on a murder and I was eligible for full parole in 2012.

I'd like to one day try bowling, cross country skiing and skidooing.

I prefer to simply fish, shoot pool, throw darts or lounge about and relax in front of a fireplace with a good book.

At 49 years young, I'm looking for an honest, sincere woman with whom to share the rest of my life. Naturally, exchanging letters is a preamble to nurturing a relationship given my circumstances, however, please don't waste my time with mundane letters intended for pastime or to secure a simple friendship.

I'm not interested in wasting time exchanging letters with "pen pals". As I said earlier, I'll be out of prison in the not-so-far-away future and I'm not interested in finding pen pals.

I'm 6 ft tall, 250 lbs and I love rap music and gangsta movies. I want to meet real people who love who they are and what they represent no matter what choices they have made, good or bad. Once a rowdy thug, I no longer engage or endorse violence; I don't use drugs; I don't smoke and quite frankly, I no longer want anything to do with crime, criminals or any aspect of that lifestyle.

Understandably, there are only so many words that can be said in such a short profile.

Lastly, all serious inquiries must include a recent picture. I've spent most of my life putting my heart in all of the wrong places.

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