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Not only that, but he still logs in pretty frequently (about two or three times a day).

Admittedly, I go on there quite a bit too, but I’ve been listed as “seeing someone” for about a month, so there’s no ambiguity about my only being there for a little “window shopping,” if you will.

We joke about the site all the time and tease each other whenever one of us happens to see that the other has gotten a new message, but there’s this tiny part of me that’s worried that he’ll actually act on it.

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I’m not sure how serious you two are or how often you’re seeing one another, but if you’re calling the guy your “boyfriend” and you say you’ve “been together” for five months, I’m confused as to why either of you is still on a dating site at all, let alone checking it frequently. Are you into this guy enough to delete your profile and quit keeping an eye out for something better?

If both of you are truly into this relationship and each other, you really shouldn’t be doing any active “window shopping,” as you call it. Because if you aren’t, you can’t very well question why your boyfriend isn’t ready to do the same.

If he opens up to you, be a good listener and let him do the talking.

When he’s done, thank him for being honest and trusting you.

The next time you’re having a low-key time with your boyfriend, just say to him, “Hey, this might be kind of a sensitive topic, but every time we’re with your family and they mention ‘Bill,’ I’m a little confused because he isn’t someone you’ve really talked about.

I hope you know you can trust me enough to tell me about him.” At that point your boyfriend will either open up to you or tell you he isn’t ready to talk about it yet.

Tell him that at this point in your relationship, you’re uncomfortable with either of you being on a dating site any longer.

It isn’t “clingy” to ask a boyfriend of five months to quit trolling for other women online.

— All in the Family Asking your boyfriend of five months about the absent brother his family keeps referring to is not “prying.” It’s showing an interest in his life and it’s not only normal, but totally appropriate.

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