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This site claims to be very proactive in it's efforts to stop scammers, however, it appears they more often delete the profiles of innocent members & even when notified of suspected (& often obvious) scammers, they ignore those warnings & allow the members to continue on with their deceptive routines. When sending a complaint to this sites management, their response to problems tends to be slow at times, & they often are unconcerned with important issues.

Book Of Matches gets two in a scale, because of its low service, annoying advertisement, high percentage of scammers.

, also known as Book of Matches, is a completely free dating site that mostly targets singles in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Once the member has viewed another members profiles & communicated with them, their cell phone App can then cause them to unknowingly 'appear' to be viewing the other member/s profile/s excessively & repeatedly (which then sends an email notification to the viewed member each & every time, ~ if that member has their personal profile setting set to notify them of members who view their profile).

So the member who uses a cell phone to access this site can potentially, easily, & unwittingly, look like a stalker in no time at all. Beware, if a member happens to unwittingly use the wrong word in their headline, their own profile is automatically deleted by the sites auto-bots, without any warning or explanation.

So you have an opportunity to begin chatting with the potential match practically at once. Book Of Matches offers to pass a psychological test and find out what kind of person you are, what kind of person your match should be and many other interesting and useful information, which you may successfully use both in the Internet and in the real life. There is an opportunity to use the system as a social network, leaving the messages and comments on the user’s walls and communicate on different topics. The operation is simple; you will not meet any difficulties.

The possibility of using the application on the phone is an additional plus to Book Of Matches.

Book Of Matches is recognized to be the another one free dating website among the huge amount of similar networks.

The website possesses an application for mobile devices that gives the opportunity for singles to be always online.

You can put your phone number on there but no personal email.

This may be the real name of yours, or if the online registration, then you can get the alias name printed on it.

Yes there's the usual censorship of your personal mail.

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