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Sensitivity can vary quite a bit from woman to woman, with smaller breasts on average being more sensitive than larger breasts.

Also, when there is breast surgery, sensitivity can be impaired - either reduced or almost eliminated completely.

Breasts function, of course, to provide milk for newborns and infants. They are the source of great frustration if they develop late, and the source of great envy if they develop early.

Some women are shy about their breasts and develop hunched-over shoulders to hide them, while others feel their breasts are powerful and hold them high.

It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous, and keep in mind that a lot of parents say they feel relieved when their kids start the conversation for them.

Then, an unlikely opponent rose its beast-like head from the Twitterverse to roar its disapproval at Chastain. Summoned to the corporeal world by the smell of Twitter beef.

Then, explain that you have something awkward but important that you want to share with her.

Let her know how much you value her thoughts and ideas, and that it’s special to you that she’s informed about what’s going on in your life. | You don’t have to go into too much detail — parents know what sex is, after all– just simply explain that you were smart and safe about it and that you used protection (assuming that’s the truth).

I have one homeboy who dates plenty, but the women he talks to almost always have a child of their own. Are women really this self-centered even when children are involved, or is it one of those femme rivalry things where they want to be the one and only mother in your life?

Hi Heather, My boyfriend and I recently had sex and lost our v-cards.

The problem is I want to be open with my mom and tell her, but with sex being an oh-so sensitive subject, I don’t know how to bring it up! It may be awkward at first to tell your mom that you lost your virginity, but it’s a great idea to do it.

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