Best speed dating in melbourne

Just think of all the other people coming alone, how would they feel?

Just like you I bet, some would be even more nervous!

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At the end the event, the match cards are handed back to the hosts and you would receive an email with your match results the next day. The one thing you all have in common is you’re single and are looking to meet new people and expand your social network.

The majority of speed dating events have an age range that will ensure you are dating people of a similar age to you.

Many of our participants are doctors, lawyers, business owners, teachers, IT workers, accountants, nurses, clerical workers etc. Everyone gets nervous about attending a Melbourne Speed Dating Event for the first time, whether you come alone or come with a friend.

I would say about 80% of guys come alone and about 30-40% of girls attend solo.

Dress as if you were going out on that crucial "first date". You will find a few people come straight from work so you might see a suit or two. Most Speed Daters tend to be friendly, honest, sincere people.

Guys, dress pants, collared shirt and clean dress shoes would be next best after a suit. Just think, everybody in that room is there for the same reason: they want to meet and talk to new people.

From drunken idiots to snotty attitudes, it can be so messy. People who attend our Speed Dating events are either looking for a partner or to create friendships and the best part about it is that everyone has paid for a ticket to be there.

And what about the superficiality of online dating & app dating? Many girls have formed a bond, guys have become mates and each other’s future ‘wingman’ and business contacts established.

At our Double Trouble event for example, you could meet up to 12 singles.

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