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The shared symptoms of autism and mental retardation can include the following: Another reason that correct diagnosis is sometimes difficult is the comorbidity of autism and mental retardation, when a person has both autism and intellectual disability.

When this occurs, a doctor might miss one of the conditions during diagnosis.

If you want to learn more about Asperger's syndrome symptoms, an Aspergers checklist may be helpful.

A checklist can help you recognize some of the characteristics of the disorder.

You can also use a checklist to provide information about your child's development to teachers and caregivers who are not familiar with the condition.

There is a certain set of symptoms common to Aspergers.

The dead twink in the hot tub with that weatherman and now this with Greg! There are a couple whackos here who label almost EVERYBODY with Aspergers. SUZY KEPT ASKING HIM" "SO, WHEN ARE YOU GETTING MARRIED ? " HE LOOKED ANNOYED AND THEN SUZY SAID, SOON ALL THESE MARRIED GAY MEN WILL BE WANTING A DIVORCE. OTHERWISE, "THEY" WOULD HAVE BEEN PART OF HIS UNGUARDED STATEMENT HERE.... I work around Fox 5's studio but I've never seen him.

GREG REPLIED: "ONE GOOD THING ABOUT BEING GAY BEFORE MEANT YOU DID NOT HAVE TO GO IN THE MILITARY OR GET MARRIED." NOW "WE" CAN DO BOTH. I've seen that weather guy at night, don't know his name but he is soo short, shorter than tammy cruise. Greg Kelley has obviously been uncomfortable around grown women, after years of interviewing adult women on the show, he's starting to be able to function, and not freak out, and freeze around adult women..

And by the way, she's done this before: For what it's worth, I met someone who said both Ray Kelly and his wife are swingers and bi. He has a small dick that's fat and curves off to the upper left. By any chance, did you know he was going to be charged and start this thread to cast doubt on his rape charges? I don't know of anyone else I feel this way about, it's very strange.can't believe he got moved to 10 pm news. He's just a person with insecurities who thrives on attention.[quote] The people lumping him with Asperger's - you suck. HOWEVER, MANY GAY MEN LOOK VERY "STRAIGHT" AND ARE NOT PERCEIVED AS GAY. Constantly licking his face and sticking his tongue out.

I think it's time for another thread devoted exclusively to network news gossip. I teach children with Asperger's and your comments are evil. THIS MORNING AT AROUND AM (THURSDAY, 05-DEC-13), HE WAS TALKING WITH COMEDIAN SUZIE ESSEMAN AND ROSANNA SCOTTO. Very OBNOXIOUS AND RUDE, seems to have no respect for others. WAKE UP CHANNEL 5He's so short, do they have a height requirement for the military?

If you believe that your child has the condition, contact a doctor for a Asperger's screening.

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