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Do you spend most of your time holding hands or resting a head on each other’s shoulders?Interlocking of arms and occasional cheek kisses don’t really go well in a friendship.Sharing secrets and opinions Lovers finish each other’s sentences.

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[Read: How to text flirt with a friend] Overprotective about each other Friends who are on the verge of going to more than friends are very protective of each other.

Do you ask your friend to call you and let you know once they’ve reached home, or do either of you try to help the other person out of a sticky situation all the time?

Just imagine how pathetic you'd feel if you meant it. I'm smiling at your face, but this warmth isn't from you. Buddy, it's ok because sometimes I need the same.

At least you will know where to find me, where I am, if you need a reminder of my name.

Spending weekends and holidays together Groups of friend meet up in the evenings or during the weekends.

When you meet your special friend, is it mostly just the both of you or are there other friends too? If there’s a new movie in town or a new restaurant, does the first thought that pops into your head have your friend and you in it? [Read: How to pick a date restaurant] Give each other exclusive pet names Do you and your friend have an exclusive pet name for each other?Or can both of you rely on each other for help or advice even if it’s the middle of the night?Friends trust each other, but there’s always a hint of uncertainty even in the best of friends.Friends don’t give each other pet names, friends who love each other do.[Read: Cute pet names and why we give them] Extremely loyal to each other Do you stand up for your friend no matter what? (You were the first one to wave at me) You never mean anything.

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