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And you know that I love you." -Serena to Nate, The Sixteen Year Old Virgin The relationship between Nate and Serena, also known as Serenate, is the friendship and former romantic relationship between Serena van der Woodsen and Nate Archibald.

Jenny Humphrey still harbors a crush on Nate, and tries multiple times to get between them but fails.

Serena's father, William van der Woodsen also comes back into the picture, along with Carter Baizen, and that causes trust issues to arise with Serena and Nate. van der Woodsen leaves town after a scandal, Serena leans on Dan for support and the two kiss.

Nate continues his relationship with Catherine, although after awhile, only does so due to her blackmailing him.

He also dates Vanessa, but the pair break up due to incompatibility and differences in their interests.

Nate tells Serena that he has been crazy about her all these years since the Shepherd wedding. Gossip Girl dubs the two the "Golden Couple", due to their attractiveness and pure happiness.

The majority of their relationship is happy, but different issues test them.Serena and Nate have been close friends since early childhood.Nate lost his virginity to Serena shortly prior to the show beginning, at the Sheppard Wedding, shown in the series premiere.In the first season, when Serena returns, Nate hopes to give their relationship a real chance.But Serena refuses, not wanting to hurt Blair further after sleeping with Nate.In the third season, Nate realizes he still has feelings for Serena and attempts to act on them, but stops when Serena has an affair with his cousin Tripp van der Bilt.

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