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In "Mummy in the Maze", Brennan exhibited ophidiophobia when confronted with snakes, but later only shows a moment of fright when confronted with another snake in "The Mastodon in the Room".

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An anthropologist, forensic anthropologist, and kinesiologist, she is described in the series as a leading authority in the field of forensic anthropology.

(born Joy Keenan) is a fictional character portrayed by Emily Deschanel in the American Fox television series Bones.

And also from looking at our locations a little bit differently and adding people.

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In the fifth-season episode "The Death of the Queen Bee" (which aired nearly four years later, on April 15, 2010), it is implied that her then-current age was 33 years (based on Brennan's identification of a former high school classmate as the victim and statement that the classmate was 33).

First mentioned in season 1, Brennan has a love of dolphins, which she shared with her late mother: in the season one finale, "The Woman in Limbo", Brennan examines a custom-made belt with a dolphin on the buckle, which had belonged to her mother, and which she mentions having once borrowed without asking first.

Brennan's love of dolphins is highlighted again in season 2 episodes "The Titan on the Tracks", "The Killer in the Concrete" and "Stargazer in a Puddle", when she mentions the constellation Delphinus, (the Dolphin), her and her mother's favorite.

In season 6, "The Doctor in the Photo", she is shown to wear a dolphin ring.

Bones Renewed for Season 11 “Pelant is in the past,” Brennan declared.

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