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Arashi's Unknown Public Opinion Survey : Baseball Women#183 20 Ayase Haruka— First Time Information Arashi Ninomi-ya— American Home Comedy : Five Minutes in My House— 「Curry」, 「Ginger Tea」, 「Kimchi」 Which one easily warms body up?— Tokyo Good Restaurant Tedious Restaurant (Sakuraiba)#184 20 Matsuda Seiko— Place : Hotel— Playing party game with Seiko— Debut days storytime— Buying sweets that suits Seiko's palate— Playing Old Maid#185 20— Sasaki Kuranosuke : Sake Blind Tasting)— Hirai Rio and Hirai Mao : Search childhood taste Indian curry)— Daremo Shiranai Performance#186 20 Matsuyama Kenichi— Place : Standing bar only for men [New Kayaba]— If Arashi was a Salary Man Part 1 : Talks about the guy's work— Aggressive Summer Collection 10#187 20 2-Hour SP— Harajuku Project [Krary Pamyu Pamyu] — Harajuku Style Collection 10— Deluxe Project [Matsuko Deluxe] — Place : Dressing Room— Shibuya Project [Yamada Ryousuke and Arioka Daiki] — Oraora Extracurricular classes with Kazunari— Candid with Joushima Shigeru — Arashi Onigiri Championship#188 20 Sato Takeru— Place : Batting Center— Anticipating Autumn Collection 10— Tokyo Good Restaurant Tedious Restaurant (Ohba)#189 20 Uchida Atsuto— Place : Harajuku Cafe— Tokyo Good Restaurant Tedious Restaurant (Sakuraiba)#190 20 Nounen Rena— Place : Musashino Art University— Musabi Class (MC )— Tokyo Good Restaurant Tedious Restaurant (Ohba)#191 20— Oda Nobunari : Secret Girl's Meeting— Suzuki Ryouhei vs Sho : World Heritage Presentation Battle#192 20 Anne Watanabe— Shinsengumi History Lesson (MC )#193 20 24 Hour TV (Kanjani 8)Activity : Arashi vs Kanjani8#194 20 Karasawa Toshiaki First Part — Burn Arashi Picking Match Second Part — If Arashi was a Salary Man Part 2 : Talks about the guy's work#195 20 Tezuka Toru & May JTezuka Toru : Learn how to be annoying May J : Pig Bone Soup Trip & )Second Part — Whistling Choir (Guest : Shibata Akiko Sensei)#198 20 Mukai Osamu & Tominaga Ai Mukai Osamu : Bouldering Katayama Hairi : Slack Line Tominaga Ai : Collection 10#199 20 Okura Tadayoshi & Takei Emi Okura Tadayoshi : Lessons on Extra-curricular of Bedroom (Sleeping Lessons)Takei Emi : Battle of Man in Suits to win Takei Emi's Heart#200 20 Hawaii SP1Activity : A Date with the Arashi member that she has picked#202 20 Sumire and Eikura Nana Sumire : Learning English Eikura Nana : Experience the Advance Technology in Japan#203 20 Arasshi VS Funasshi Activity : 50 meters sprint, ball-toss game, tug-of-war and 250 meter relay race#204 20 Nippon Elekitel Denki, Kanda Sayaka#205 20 Higashide Masahiro, Matsushige Yutaka#206 20 Special Two Doumoto Tsuyoshi : Recent Tsuyoshi Lesson (Ikebana, Oculus Lift, Chicken Rice)Asada Mai : MC #207 20 Christmas Beauty SPUehara Hiromi : Jazz Piano Performance Nounen Rena : Arashi House (Pizza Making, Avengers Cosplay, Air Guitar)Kimura Kaela : New Year's Food#208 20 New Year SP (Arashi Hotel) : Hydrangea, and Enoden, and Raw Whitebait Bowl in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture#234 20 Hey! JUMPArashi Calendar : Partner's Day (7th of August)Activity : Arashi VS Hey! JUMP 3 Challenge Showdown Elicit informations for tomorrow's news : Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo - Kudo Kimiyasu (Make and Eat Warabi Mochi, Play Catchball)Sideshow Corner : Takashima Masahiro (Chin Tricks), Nakajima Yuto (Matchy's Impression), Itou Asako (Improvised Dance)#254 20 Kamenashi Kazuya (Breakfast SP)Activity : Breakfast Quiz : Make various things that is popular in the world (Terrarium, Gum Tape Bag), JK Term Quiz, Make Trendy Things - Kotaki Nozomu [Johnny's West] (Pudding Toast, Frying Pan Takoyaki, King Oyster Mushroom Pasta) : Teach "Ai wo Sakebe" Dance to Shouten Storytellers Meat Juice Death Match"Ai wo Sakebe" performance by Shouten Storytellers"I Seek" performance#271 20 Ayase Haruka Southeast Asia Gourmet Death Match : Slightly Intriguing Aiba Masaki's Mini Investigation SP (Open A Jar, Lick Elbow, Wink Train, Create sound from the eyes)#278 20 Shunpuutei Shouta, Hayashiya Taihei and Hayashiya Sanpei10 Sheets Cushion Meal Death Match : Help creating memories while cutting the hair for the first time#280 20 24hour TV SPGuests : NEWS, Haru, Oriental Radio, Hatori Shinichi, Miura Asami Medalist Guests : Seto Daiya, Hoshi Natsumi, Mizutani Jun, Yoshimura Maharu, Niwa Koki, Okuhara Nozomi, Ōta Shinobu, Yoshida Saori, Tosaka Eri : Sweets (Ohno's Birthday)ARASHI Hideout (Sho) : Ayabe, Nakayama Kinnikun, *will update later*#293 20 Degawa Tetsurou Degawa Tetsurou Kamikami Death Match ARASHI Hideout (Ohno) : Shimizu Michiko : Investigate a mother's idol age#294 20 Okada Junichi Okada Junichi BEST3 Johnny's Kawaii Kouhai (using English word's a bit weird ^^")Okada Junichi's BEST3 Recommended Buddha Statue Japan Fisherman's Meal Death Match : Guest (Sawamura Ikki) - I want to make various things in the town shiny and feel pleasure from it! MJ vs Tsutsumi Shinichi - Pull Tablecloth Studio : Special guests Hokuto Akira and Sasaki Kensuke : Make wooden bathtub Open Ohno Board with members who loves Ohno : Ueshima Ryuhei (Kaibutsu-kun), Chinen Yuri (adores Ohno), Suda Masaki (Shinigami-kun)Studio : Special guests Ueda Shinya and Matsushita Nao : Re-discover Japan with two actresses Dojo in Daikanyama (Milla Jovovich) - Karate learning, Mochi making Tokyo Bay (Rola) - Fishing, Sushi challenge Studio : Ueda Army vs Arashi Cushion Pull-out Battle : Leather Shoe#300 20 Otake Shinobu Otake Shinobu's "Three Days Monk" SPNote : "Mikka Bouzu/Three Days Monk" refers to those who start things with big promises and great enthusiasm, but never see them through to the end.Ohno has always been considered to be the most eccentric out of the members. Like his 3P (threesome) and drug use rumors, of course, being part of Johnny’s golden group, he remained unscathed. Even on the show, Ohno and Marieme’s relationship is considered to be close.

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The screen shot where he has the white shirt is from the first episode. But please I hope this is true and that it's serious.

"Pleaes don't become like Akanishi or Yamapi" what the fuck.

To close friends there’s talk about who should emcee if a wedding reception is held.

She’s 35 so she’d probably think seriously about it?

It’s reported that free announcer Itou Ayako(35) has been frequenting Nino’s house.

Itou Ayako reports for “news every.” (Nihon TV) and is in charge of the “Culture & Sports” corner.

” -previous insider Update: Seems like the agency has given announcer Itou an “X” because she’s just not likeable enough for the fans.

Netizens have discovered multiple hints of her relationship with Nino from her blog (actually excessive amount). Those who were approved in the past were Sasaki Nozomi and Inoue Mao.

A neighbor living in Sasaki’s mansion revealed, “At the moment the staff at Johnny’s Jimusho are keeping a close eye on the couple.

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