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Men scramble to approach women like rats chewing on a meaty chicken bone, and then wonder why women are so turned off by them.

Says the original author: “I would be lying if I said it didn’t get to me.

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Anorexic dating service

I don’t know if it’s about protection or creating some idealized version of a man, some Pygmalion thing. I’m not interested in weddings and dresses and dating— I mean, I’m interested in dating, but I’m not interested in how you contrive to get a man. I don’t know why that is “female subject matter” or why women think they need to write about that. I guess I refuse to allow myself to be ghettoized in that way, to think that women have to write about feminine subject matter. I always just did what I wanted and figured I’m allowed to write about whatever the fuck I want to write about.

You know, I can’t stand that kind of affirmative action crap. There was one point on “Southland” when it was all women, at the beginning. It just falls where it falls, and you’re looking for the best people. Next year I could turn around and have an all-female group. I just never subscribed to the theory that there were certain subject matters that I had to write about.

Ladies, have you ever had a similar experience to this woman? I would have been interested to know, however, if any of the messages he received were from internet bots or scammers.

I’m not trying to say what he experienced isn’t true, but bots and scammers are plentiful on dating sites, to the extent that any reasonably intelligent person can smell them as fakes.

“At first I thought it was fun, I thought it was weird but maybe I would mess with them or something and freak them out and tell them I was a guy or something, but as more and more messages came (either replies or new ones I had about 10 different guys message me within 2 hours) the nature of them continued to get more and more irritating.

Guys were full-on spamming my inbox with multiple messages before I could reply to even one asking why I wasn’t responding and what was wrong.

“Ray Donovan,” which premieres Sunday night on Showtime, is another antihero drama. Although, you know, “Ray Donovan” has to deal with that, too, but we were also very specific about how we didn’t want it to just be movie stars.

It stars Liev Schreiber as the titular character, a Boston-born man whose entire family — his wife, kids and two brothers — has been transplanted to Los Angeles, where he works as a fixer, solving problems — dead bodies in bed, blackmail, stalkers— for the rich and sometimes famous.

I wrote about this in Finding the One Online extensively – what it’s like to be a woman dating online and how men need to up their games to connect.

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