is nick jonas dating - Am i dating an emotionally unavailable man

The emotionally unavailable woman feels slightly guilty about being affectionate, as if it somehow betrays our feminist ideals.

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In fact, this generation of women is the finest we have ever seen.

We've traded our recipe books for i Phones full of networking contacts; we’ve traded early motherhood for corporations.

We're extremely career-driven, goal-oriented and independent. Since we tend to gear towards this path in life — to make our mark and leave the world with a legacy –, we also are inevitably emotionally unavailable.

We're more interested in our latest project than we are in cuddling.

It's sexy to have passion for a career that fulfills you.

We see it more as a fifth limb rather than a ball and chain.The emotionally unavailable woman prefers feelings of happiness that she has direct control over.We ladies will feign indifference when we want you to take initiative because, once again, we don't want to be vulnerable.We want you to achieve all of the goals you've set yourself, and we want to support you; we also want that support in return.If you want us to be more accessible, take pride in your work and take a genuine interest in ours.This is how to have a successful relationship with an emotionally unavailable female: We like you, but we aren't always so great at showing it.

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