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It’s because we don’t have the special baggage handlers on this day.

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We were stressed out during the duration of the flight worrying if she was okay.

After the flight, Zoe who was a gregarious Jack Russell Terrier just wasn’t the same. airlines allow a small number of pets (generally 2 to 4) in the main cabin for a fee ranging from $75 to $150 one-way.

Alyson Chadwick, a PR professional from Washington DC, had to send her cat from Florida to DC through Atlanta on Delta but when delays threatened to prevent her pet from reaching her until to the next day, she feared the worst.

After heated discussion, Delta had someone meet the cat at the gate and deliver him to DC, only six hours late.

An argument ensued and according to his son Jeff, author of the book and associated blog, he “politely told the fight attendant to land in a cornfield and he will happily walk the rest of the way!

” Luckily there was no air marshal onboard and the other passengers laughed at his remark.

Rates range from to 9 one-way, include a free pet carrier and can be booked online.

Pet Airways’ owners themselves understand the stress of flying with a pet in the cargo hold.

But this is not always the case as the infamous 2006 disappearance of Vivi, a prize-winning whippet who had just competed in the Westminster Dog Show illustrates.

Vivi, who allegedly escaped from her cage while in the charge of Delta, was never found even though airport workers and volunteers searched for weeks. But how likely is it that something bad will happen to your pet? carriers report about two deaths a month and a handful of lost animals, usually due to airline staff not following procedures for securing crates before loading them into baggage.

Will your pet be injured or escape while in the airlines’ care?

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