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Traveling cross-country, she samples singles Stacy Kravetz has written for The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and other newspapers.She is the author of Welcome to the Real World: You've Got and Education—Now Get a Life! See full summary » Director: Erin Daniels Unable to curb her late night cravings Rhoda, a 72-year-old widow, seeks the help of a quack hypnotherapist and accidentally unearths a startling secret from her past that might change more than just her snacking habits.

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See full summary » Director: Daniel Sackheim Follows a day in the lives of three generations of women.

Priscilla, her mother (Nana), and her daughter, Wendy, spend the day sipping gin, arguing and being chased by a police officer. See full summary » Director: Sheri Hellard "LIFE WILL KNOCK YOU DOWN.

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"With the abundance of dating strategies, technologies, and services available on the market, is it any easier to find love in this day and age?Director: Todd Wade Ted changes Barney's bachelor party plans for Marshall at the last minute, so that it won't just consist of gambling and cheap strippers.And Robin gets Lily an inappropriate shower party gift.Drawing on interviews with a host of men and women currently grappling with finding a mate, as well as her own experiences out in the playing field, Kravetz explores what our dating lives reveal about us and our culture.And all the while, she vividly captures how—though the landscape of love is forever changing—the human heart remains a wildly mysterious thing.Director: Pamela Fryman Detectives Crews and Reese investigate the murder of Anna Silvers, who was killed on her wedding night in her hotel room.

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