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But much of this too is to avoid the complex array of losses and challenges divorce presents a man.

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It’s hard to reconcile providing financial support, while feeling an ex-wife isn’t compassionate, capable of feelings, being nice, or refraining what seems like newly spawned righteousness.

No wonder withholding, or being gamey, with financial support becomes the only recourse of striking back, or punishing his ex-wife for the hurt he feels she caused him.

Additionally, are less likely to isolate, and seek support and companionship with friends or family.

Apart from career, a man’s partner is typically his most vital relationship.

As expected, women initiating divorce ultimately identify their spouse as the “true” initiator.

The irony is that men, despite their own dissatisfaction are more likely to resist divorce.

Experiencing trauma weakens an individual’s basic integrity, compromise one’s confidence, and distort their attitudes about others.

It’s not uncommon for men to feel inadequate, and are socially alienated when their marriage ends.

This can spur someone to spend thousands on legal fees to ensure his ex-wife won’t get hundreds. The advice often given to people who’ve quit drinking when they feel tempted to drink again is, “Walk yourself through it.” Imagine reconciling, and living together again.

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