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Campbell wears eyeglasses or contact lenses for distance vision; her contacts were left at her family's residence on the day she vanished. Clothing/Jewelry Description: A white t-shirt with a design imprinted on the front, blue jeans, blue jeans, white sneakers, a diamond Romance Wittnauer watch and a ten-karat gold ring with three imbedded sapphires in the center surrounded by two diamonds.Carrying a faded yellow jacket, a 7-11 smock with her nametag attached, her college textbooks and papers, and a maroon purse.

She has a small mole in the center of her back between her shoulder blades, and a small birthmark on her right buttock.

Campbell is right-handed and her ears are double-pierced.

Authorities stated that there was no physical evidence relating to Campbell's disappearance inside the purse.

It contained her Social Security card, military identification card and credit card, but her makeup, hair brush and keys were missing. Sometime after her disappearance, authorities released a sketch of a possible suspect; the sketch is posted below this case summary.

After work she went to a group study at her boyfriend's residence, about 30 miles away from her own home.

She and her boyfriend got into an argument and she said she wanted to go home, and he refused to take her, so she left alone sometime between and p.m. Her family didn't realize she was missing until the next morning.

The 7-11 employees let her use their phone to call her boyfriend.

She asked him to come and pick her up, but they got into another argument and Campbell decided to call her brother instead.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Biracial (Asian/Caucasian) female. She has a scar on her elbow and another small scar on her right eyebrow.

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