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Wherever you let Him in." Some people ask, "Why do I have a low self-image?

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Before finding fault with our leadership, we must do soul-searching to see if we are truly open to change.

examine my willingness to deprive myself of some things that have been pleasurable if they stand in the way of spiritual growth.

Although the Torah does not mention the names of the angels that went to visit Abraham, the Talmud tells us they were Raphael, Michael and Gabriel.

(Bava Metzia 86b) Throughout most of their interaction, the Torah does not refer to them on an individual basis, but rather as a group, as it is written, "[Abraham] stood over THEM beneath the tree and THEY ate.Think better thoughts and you'll change your self-image." Thinking of yourself in a consistently negative way is the only way to have a low self-image. The way you think of yourself now is your present self- image.Regardless of your past self-image, you have free will and the ability to build yourself and your self-image. The Rabbi of Kotzk secluded himself for a long period of time, and none of his many followers could visit him. "Have they opened their hearts so that they will accept what I have to tell them?Therefore, upon leaving Abraham's tent he went back to his post at God's Holy Throne.But Gabriel, who was left with his task of destroying Sodom, and Raphael, who was commanded to save Lot, had not yet finished their tasks, and continued to Sodom.[Afterwards,] THEY said to him..." (Genesis 18:8-9) There are, however, instances in which the angels act as individuals.

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