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According to the Center for Research and Education on Gender and Education (CREGS), the number of individuals with sex addictions attending support groups, such as Sexaholics Anonymous, has increased significantly in the last five years.

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The term “sex addiction” refers to the behavior of an individual who has an obsession with sex or an unusually high sex drive.

Intercourse and the thought of it dominates the person’s thoughts, making it difficult to engage in healthy relationships.

Sex addicts often suffer from a distorted way of thinking, justifying and rationalizing their behavior and blaming other people for their problem.

Sex addicts make excuses for their behavior and often deny they even have a problem at all.

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In some cases, it takes a major consequence — such as an arrest or breakup of a marriage — to force the individual to admit he or she has a problem.

The first step for an addict is to visit a medical professional who will decide what kind of treatment best fits the person’s individual needs.

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