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Unlike the other taverns scattered throughout the game's geography--and unlike the numerous Lion's Pride Inns that exist in non-roleplaying servers--it's frequently packed with dozens, if not hundreds, of players.

The virtually-assembled will loiter about, engaging in private conversations and/or public demands for attention.

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Obviously, some of these complex narratives involve sex--how could they not!

--and others revolve around it entirely."I would not necessarily claim that it's a majority of users by any stretch of the imagination," Katherine Cross, a feminist writer and Wo W player, said in a phone interview.

"But if you play World of Warcraft long enough, you're eventually going to stumble inadvertently onto two characters mysteriously facing each other undressed while in some corner somewhere."If you do happen to behold two characters mysteriously undressed and engaged in a lengthy private conversation, it's likely that you're witnessing an instance of erotic roleplay, commonly referred to as ERP.

Erotic roleplay, as the name plainly indicates, is form of roleplaying centered on sexual behavior.

Many of these are quite detailed and remarkably particular.

In addition to an elaborate description of one's physical appearance, it's a common practice to have a bulleted list of fetishes, plus all the sexual practices that one deems unacceptable.

In an email, dixe seemed fairly nonplussed by the massive and diverse litany of in-game sexual behavior. According to Katherine Cross, "Self-consciously, ERP communities tend to accommodate a lot of extreme fetishes." This kind of overt open-mindedness, at its best, cultivates an environment in which sexual negotiations are remarkably frank and candid.

In such cases, fetish lists outline clearly and concisely what each user consents to, reading like virtual versions of those hypothetical "sex contracts" that conservative commentators love to invoke with disdain.

Some wiggle around seductively in various states of undress; others, more reserved, linger on the outskirts of the throng and observe.

If there's one thing that can be said for the denizens of Goldshire, it's that they know exactly what it is that they're into.

But that technicality hasn't stopped ERP from happening.

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