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I like to chat and role play I know this site messes up a lot so I will use other things to talk on, just ask. I'm a wealthy middle-aged married man who is seeking younger women who want to be spoiled.

As for role playing I usually like to be submissive/obedient in roles but I won't be like that wi... I enjoy nothing more than finding ladies who enjoy depraved and naughty online fun. This is my third (or fourth, or fifth) time aboard the Babble express.

And really, tube sites were just the logical next step after DVDs - just a different way to view the same pre-recorded media. You never know exactly what will happen next, and that's what makes it so exciting.

Best of all, you can chat with your performer, and if you're lucky, they just might take your request for what to do next!

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From the ashes of its fire babble has been reborn....though now the journey back will be a new one.

The name is Connor and I am a proud wolf and will protect those who I care about. Q: Will you show m..I'm here for some naughty Rp with a dirty old man naughtier the better, love it when a guy sends me a pic of a sluty outfit to fuck me in, its even better when it shows a little ass.

These girls would love to make your fantasies come true, and best of all, we offer all of this to you completely free of charge.

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I hope I get to meet some new friends in here but I also hope to meet som... I've been asked if I'm really that age and if my pictures are real. Honestly i'm just a dirty blonde twink who loves to take it up the ass. Here's answers to questions for those who actually bother to read it. no costume leather or latex love anything naughty, when I Rp I like it...

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