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However, the physical replacement process is simple and only requires a screw driver.The most complex part of the hard drive upgrade is the backing-up and system software install that follows.

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But turning to her and giving her a sly wink is probably not included in any book of royal etiquette. That's what happened yesterday after George Bush mangled his greeting to the Queen on her state visit to the U. Stumbling over his words, he came perilously close to suggesting that the monarch had toured the States in 1776.

And although the President's following wink was initially rewarded with a regal glare, the Queen did at least seem to see the funny side of the blunder.

Vice President Dick Cheney, secretary of state Condoleezza Rice, defence secretary Robert Gates and General Peter Pace, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, will be among the select 134 guests.

Mrs Bush will be wearing an Oscar da La Renta gown and her staff have co-ordinated with the Queen's dresser to make sure their outfits do not clash, the Washington Post reports.

If you don't mind the cosmetic issues, you can connect any hard drive via a SATA cable.

This would mean leaving the top of the PS4 open to run the cable (or drilling a hole into the casing). Using a third-party solution such as the Nyko Data Bank.SATA III (aka SATA/300 or SATA 3.0) drives may work fine, but without the added speed benefit the format brings.Hybrid drives may also work, but are not officially endorsed by Sony. Connecting an external hard drive that doesn't fit into the PS4's internal drive bay.The Data Bank draws power from the console itself by utilizing the PS4's AC port in the back and requires a simple install that's similar in complexity to an outright hard drive swap.When you've just made it sound like the Queen is more than 200 years old, there may be a few ways of recovering from the gaffe.The royal visit to DC is likely to be something of a distraction amid controversy over Mr Bush's veto of Congress's war funding bill which set a timetable for the withdrawal of US troops from the Gulf.

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