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Our computer software and tablet apps strengthen skills found through research to be crucial in helping students of all ages to improve their literacy skills.

But for that to happen we'll need other devices," says Lin.

"These are the two most basic diagnostic tools, but there are others that measure vitals like urine and blood as well." We've written about other smartphone-linked home medical products, including here and here.

After spotting Andy escaping, he orders his guards to chase him.

Andy finds his way downstairs and into an operating room, followed by Chucky. Despite Andy's claims that Chucky is still in the room and will kill him too, he tries to give him a sedative.

They hope the thermometer and stethoscope will be the first of many products.

"I see more health care being delivered at home where it's lowest cost and convenient.

The unique, patent pending teaching platform was developed by speech-language pathologist Bartek Rajkowski, Ph D.

Reading Doctor® is used by over 25,000 people, worldwide.

As they ask questions about the murder scenes that he was found at, he confronts Chucky, begging him to say something.

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