Online sexchart

It’s from the good people at Obsidian Fields and it’s about different attitudes to monogamy.

Basically, a wife became offended when her husband sent her a chart of all the times she denied him sex, along with her excuses.

Most found it entertaining (some of her reasons included the show ) but the obvious underlying issue is the fact that A WOMAN NEVER OWES YOU SEX.

No wheels, no whistles, no ticklers or teasers, no bells. But whether sitting in the box delivered what its designer promised is another matter. William Steig, author of the original Shrek comic book, revealed his gave him 'an inner vibration, a little bit like an orgasmic feeling' — which is a long way from blowing your socks off.

Pictured is a Japanese ivory statue of a man and woman having sex created in the 19th century.

Pictured on the right is a vintage poster for the Institute for Sex Research requesting volunteers for studies into sexuality James Bond tried one. The artist who created Shrek swore by his, and spent half an hour inside it at least once a day.

So, too, did writers Jack (On The Road) Kerouac and J. The device promised to deliver what he called 'orgastic potency', despite being little more than a plain wooden cupboard lined with metal.

Although past studies have shown that people enjoy sex more than Facebook (is that really a surprise?

), new data from Harris Interactive suggests that more U. adults can live without sex than live without mobile devices.

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As in literally never, not if you’re married, dating, horny, drunk or haven’t had it in six years – a woman will have sex with you when SHE feels like – NOT because you think she owes you.

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