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You can also set Skype to receive messages from people in your contact list only, and you can opt to keep a history of all your conversations.

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Just select an online contact, type in your message and click 'Send' to start a conversation.

In your settings you can choose whether other users can see an animated pencil while you're typing something.

You must have admin permissions in Office 365 to do this.

Skype lets you make free PC-to-PC calls anywhere in the world.

To make calls to phones, you need to buy a Skype subscription or Skype credit.

Click 'Skype | Account', then 'Buy more credit' or 'Get a subscription'.

Click 'Add those contacts' to send them a contact request.

Names and phone numbers will be stored for you anyway.

If the person you're contacting is already on Skype, he or she will receive a contact request, but you can also import multiple contacts from a list or from an existing webmail or Facebook account. Now select the type of account you want to import from and provide your username and password to connect to that service and transfer the data.

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