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There was a festival that day, and the temple’s custodians had removed an idol from the sanctum sanctorum and were parading it around a courtyard. The idol, he told me, “is like an incarnation of God, so it is as if God himself is coming out of the temple.” Like many observant Hindus, Padmanabhan believes that a temple’s deity—in this case, the supreme god Vishnu—resides within its walls.Worshippers come to make offerings of flowers, incense, silver, and gold. Padmanabhan told me that it had become his driving purpose in life to serve Vishnu and, in so doing, protect the deity’s hoard.The clerk squeezed between the back of Padmanabhan’s chair and a bookcase, removed a large volume, handed it over, and vanished.

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Padmanabhan and his clients argued that the head of the royal family, ninety-year-old Marthanda Varma, had mismanaged the site, and that the government should appoint a new trustee to safeguard the deity’s wealth.

Even though Varma is not officially a maharaja, as his ancestors were, he is revered in Kerala, and many of his supporters refer to him as the King.

In any case, the temple was poorly guarded; as one member of the royal family told me, until recently security at the temple consisted of men “holding wooden sticks.” The temple’s executive, Sasidharan Nair, denied the charges of mismanagement and said, in a sworn statement, that “the allegation that there is a treasure-hoard kept in some is false”; there was nothing beneath the temple except a few unused rooms “covered with cobwebs and dust.” The plaintiffs, Nair said, were spreading “old wives’ tales and gossipy rumors.” Padmanabhan took me back to his office, which is filled with books and has two swords on display.

He sat behind a large desk and asked me if I wanted tea.

I asked Padmanabhan what had made him so confident that there was treasure.

“These are all historical books,” he said, gesturing at his library.

I am just a mosquito before him.” Deities can actually own property in India, though the law treats them as minors and they must be represented by an official guardian.

At the Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple, the Maharaja of Travancore has this role.

Rock City is a two-storey building: a large dark space downstairs filled with round tables and bar stools facing a stage which takes up the entire back end of the room, and a balcony overlooking the same stage.

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