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While the Flagler Beach case was going through the system, David Wagner was back in the chat rooms again, but this time he was chatting with a real child.

In May of 2007 he was arrested again in Duval County for offenses involving this real child.

The most important thing was that Flagler Beach police were there as well, because this time it was not a real child he was chatting with.

Very sadly, while he was out on bail and awaiting the results of the proceedings of this arrest, he was back in the chat rooms, and the next time it was a real child he targeted.

Academic Schools Adult Education Certification Renewal NE Florida Criminal Justice Center Developmental Education Programs Dual Enrollment English Learning Programs Fire Academy of the South FSCJ Online Math Self Checks Performing & Visual Arts FSCJ stands out among educational institutions for many reasons.

Click on the link below to learn why we are the largest, most dynamic and most influential higher education institution in the area.Some time within the next several months, he was relocated to Florida for work.His serial predator ways accordingly got him arrested during our Flagler Beach sting in December of the same year.He wanted to take her back to his home to spend the weekend, without her family's knowledge.When the "child" finally gave in to his repeated requests to meet, it was Chris Hansen and Dateline cameras waiting for him.David John Wagner narrowly avoided arrest in our Darke County, Ohio sting in March of 2006.

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