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Another gallon baggie included all of the fun games & printables we would be doing, and the last baggie included other yummy assorted treats…..including chocolate . Luckily neither one of us were hurt, but I think I had a mini-heart attack! We had a lot of fun talking, laughing, playing games, eating yummy treats, and holding hands….er….. The driver always had hands on the wheel at the ten & two positions. This would go perfectly with Lisa’s “Post-It” notes date that aired last Monday!I then created a fun little countdown, grabbed a long ribbon & some clothespins, & mapped out our trip. 🙂 I originally printed two copies of the “License Plate” Game for our trip…but since it’s not really realistic to have the DRIVER cross things off, we combined efforts and just filled out one sheet. I came up with 50 questions…we only made it through two pages.

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I was on a mission to find some FUN ideas that Jamie & I could do while sitting in a car. Bingo, word searches, mazes, scavenger hunts….I fell in LOVE with their “Secret Mission” printables. This would be perfect to use as a family when traveling as well…fact this whole DATE could be an entire family experience.

I almost started jumping up and down when I saw THIS printable ebook! 🙂 I immediately purchased the ebook…and printed off the games I wanted to play with my cute hubby….were looking at being in the car for TWELVE hours straight…so I wanted to make sure we had plenty to choose from.

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Bermuda books, correspondence and reports shown below are mostly by American, Bermudian, British-UK and Canadian and authors. Listed in the Army List as Principal Medical Officer to Bermuda, 1882. He highlighted his passion for the bird in his most recent book Mother and Child, writing: I do have a favourite bird, the glorious longtail of Bermuda, which I have been photographing consistently for 30 years. The couple stayed in Bermuda until June 1864 when they left for Europe, returning to the island in January 1865. Bermudians themselves have played an active role in the decline of agriculture, whether as agricultural land owners or as consumers.

They are listed by title, then name of author, then by dates of publication and publisher when known, and a short description. Farrar was a famous designer, sailor and sailmaker. It is believed he spent about five years in Bermuda in that position. It is a magical miracle of flight, sweeping majestically in the sky with its pristine white body and its long tail of black and white feathers gliding behind. See also "Pink Sand Poems." She was a Bermuda resident when her parents were based here with the US military. Her diary provides invaluable insights into Bermudas part in the war as a centre for Confederate blockade runners. Over time, Bermudians diminishing appreciation for the agricultural sector has caused it to become undervalued and neglected.

My FIRST “turn to when I am searching for something” is GOOGLE!!

*sigh* I can pretty much find just about anything I need on there!

Some are rare in Bermuda, much sought by local collectors and expensive. About Austin (Cheesey) Hughes, regarded as one of the most gifted all-round sportsmen in Bermuda's history, having excelled at cricket, football and billiards from the post-war 1940s through to the 1960s. Aberdeen-born Ogilvy had qualified at the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh in the 1850s, going on to serve as a medical officer in the British Army during the Crimean War. The architecture and uniqueness of many of Bermuda's domestic buildings from the 1640s. He has won numerous awards including the International Emmy for accomplishments by an individual whose work is recognized throughout the world. George's Island and Royal Navy personnel including several Admirals buried at the Royal Naval Cemetery at Ireland Island. Although an estimated 40 percent of the population is involved in backyard farming, there are only 18 full time farmers and 33 part-time farmers in the industry today.

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