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Using the admin section you can view the ip of each user, you can kick users, you can ban users by their ip's, and you can delete rooms.

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For example if you want only moderators to be able to send audio and video.

You can record every audio/video stream coming from the users in separate files.

Simpl Chat provides live audio and video transfer between users.

As a web master you have full control over the quality of the audio and video and the bandwidth used by each stream.

Also you can block people from joining or creating other rooms Your users do not have to download any special plugin as Simpl Chat runs in Flash Player 8 which is installed on over 95% of the computers connected to the Internet.

Simpl Chat will run directly in the users browser (IE, Firefox, Safari on Windows/Mac/Linux).

At the request of numerous clients Simpl Chat now allows people to log in using 3 different genders: male , female and couple.

The couple gender can be disabled from the configuration file, but if you want no gender at all you can disable the entire gender option.

By default Simpl Chat comes with 6 video/audio profiles (files) to choose from, 2 for 56kbits/s, 2 for 128kbits/s and 2 for 256kbits/s video bandwidth scenarios.

The online demo uses the 128k-low-motion-high-picture-quality-one! Users, admins and web masters can all create private (password protected) or public rooms.

Simpl Chat is using the video/audio capturing capabilities of the Flash Player in conjunction with a media server.

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