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Women have especially become vulnerable to trafficking as a result of their continued exploitation in the country along with their limited access to education and employment opportunities.Increasing social disintegration of families due to war and poverty has also increased women’s traditional burden of taking care of their families including their parents and siblings.

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Through the MULU/Worksite program, PSI/Ethiopia has trained healthcare providers at 44 large-scale worksites in mining, manufacturing, agricultural and textile sectors to provide HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) prevention and family planning services. Products: Since 2007, Proctor & Gamble and the Greater Cincinnati Foundation have supported PSI/Ethiopia in expanding the use of household water treatment products in different parts of Ethiopia with turbid, unimproved water sources.

Current awards, which began in 2011, total approximately $2.2 million.

As is the case with most developing countries, the rate of population growth in Ethiopia outstrips the rate of economic growth, resulting in an increased level of unemployment.

This coupled with increased demand for cheap labor in developed countries has pushed many young men and women to leave the country in search of employment.

This in turn has created an added burden to generate income.

Inherently, the types of job opportunities offered in the Middle East—predominately domestic helpers and sex workers—also reinforces the gender bias.In this regard, many young girls have become victims of trafficking by illegal agents who claim to have established contacts with employers.According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), 72 per cent of the Ethiopian surveyed migrants used the services of both illegal and legal employment agents for the process of migration.Beginning in June 2014, the program will be sustained entirely with Program Income from the sale of PUR/P&G Purifier of Water.To date, the program has distributed 64 million sachets of PUR/P&G through commercial and institutional sales, has developed educational and promotional materials, and has conducted numerous community-level trainings, market day promotions, religious day events, sales outlets activation activities, and water vendor mobilization activities.Trafficking as defined by the UN protocol is: ‘The recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons, by the threat or use of force, by abduction, fraud, deception, coercion or the abuse of power or by the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person for the purpose of exploitation’ ( UNCJIN 2000 ).

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