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The live video is packed as FLV format, and can be played via Flash video player with a build in web server :) Took me some time, but I finally manage do make an app that does just that.

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This totally depends on the model and camera resolution of your phone.

If your Android phone has a 5 megapixels camera, you shouldn’t be facing such problems.

The hard part was actually to understand the RFC 3984 and implement a proper algorithm for the packetization process.

(This algorithm actually turns the mpeg4/h.264 stream produced by the Media Recorder into a nice rtp stream, according to the rfc) Bye Works great (so far!

) I'm using it to stream video from Glass (after a bit of work/editing/figuring out), but so far I can only get it to connect from a Windows based browser (Chrome) with the vlc plugin.

VLC on Android/i Pad or any other rtsp player won't pick up the stream (one of them looked good, but was trying to get a stream based on the device name, which this code returned as 0 and thus unfindable).

IP Webcam is available in the Android Market as a free app and can be downloaded via the link provided below.

I've seen plenty of info about how to stream video from the server to an android device, but not much about the other way, ala Qik.

But you still need to talk him through fixing the issue.

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