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Ranjan is as acutely sensitive and perceptive as he is bitter and cynical on the surface.

Paromita (Paro to friends and colleagues), is a senior marketing executive with the channel where Brinda works.

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Having lost faith in the real relationships that he sees around him, Abhik seeks solace in the virtual world.

While navigating through this virtual world, Abhik develops an online relationship with a young woman, without knowing anything about her.

The argument veers to issues like sensationalism and soon enough, it is clear that Brinda and Abhik's real-life interaction has started off on a sour note.

Before leaving in a huff, Brinda overhears a piece of conversation between two men about Mehra's project. Ranjan and Paromita, an estranged couple, become the bridge between Brinda and Abhik.

The mood of the party turns romantic yet poignant with Paro singing Ranjan's favourite song at his insistence.

She has never sung that song ever since she left Ranjan's home.

Ranjan warns Abhik with his usual cynicism and reminds him of the perils and pains that often define love.

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