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This is mega hit song of 1991 in Indonesia,a Dangdut version of latin classic song titled Coffee Rhumba. IF YOU ARE WONDERING WHAT DANGDUT IS, IN THE NEXT FEW LINES YOU' RE GOING TO DISCOVER THE BEAUTY OF DANGDUT AND LEAVE THIS PAGE WITH A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT DANGDUT IS. NET WEBSITE IS BASED IN THE USA, SPECIALIZING IN INDONESIAN MUSIC, INDONESIAN TRADITIONAL PERFORMING ARTS IN GENERAL AND THE DANGDUT MUSIC IN PARTICULAR.Filmed in Jakarta on super eight(I mean very low badget video clip). Track was produced by Makoto Kubota (Sandii the Sunsetz). DANGDUT MUSIC IS AN INDONESIAN MUSIC THAT COMBINES A MIX OF INDONESIAN TRADITIONAL INSTRUMENTS WITH FOREIGN MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS LIKE WESTERN INSTRUMENTS AND MEDITERRANEAN INSTRUMENTS.Just listen to it and read this: Dangdut has Rock music and also has more, it has Pop music but also has more, Dangdut music uses more instruments, more musicians and more styles of music combined, that's why it is richer.

They don't seem to get tired at all, they just keep going all the way to the end of the song no matter what.

Dangdut singers and musicians stay well engaged with the audience from the first moment they start, all the way to the end.

If you are a music band then take the Dangdut challange, try to play Dangdut music if you can, Dangdut musicians are masters.

Now you might ask yourself how come Dangdut music is more rich.

Also to chalange the top world musicians and singers, yes, it is to challange them all if they can play Dangdut music and sing Dangdut songs.

First because Dangdut music is just richer than the most popular music in the world, Dangdut Music is richer than Rock music, richer than Pop music, richer than Rap music, even richer than Mediterranean, traditional Indonesian and Asian music, yes you heard it right.Р’В±asweetkisses63088 sexlindseylohan naked.comtorrent solomale jerksummaru 40 year old virginnackte teens free bilderfatgirlsbad grlis ciub sex videosfree 12 – 10 year old sex pron videohow can i get pregnant fast by inserting sperm on my viginapenisphoto 18hudson leick denial sex scenebondage animie.comsuzie wilden rapidshare.commona.sexyveronika raquel spankxxx dessert 19. haiii semua kawanku gimanakabarnya semoga kalian selalu sehat selalu dan selaludalam linduanga yg kuasa amien lagu ini dari kami rosemiko kami sukangeroom di yogyakarta:1 id cowok ku desakudesaku makasih yah tlahmau mutar lagu dari kami cinta kami antara belanda jakarta namun nyata lohhh THANK YOU EVERYONE who drop the comments!! Dede S Kucing Garong (Robber Cat) Dangdut Remix Tarling with English subtitle for non Indonesian speakers. Tolong sebarkan video ini ke rekan rekan luar negeri anda untuk membantu mempromosikan musik dan budaya Indonesia.Dangdut is the cross roads of music worldwide in time and space, from ancient music to new, from Eastern music to Western, Indonesia's Dangdut got no Time or Geographic Barriers Dangdut lives Beyond the Limits.When you watch Dangdut music, especially on simple stage performances, where performances are all real without the fake Hollywood style special effects, you will understand how generous Dangdut is.The word "welcome" in Indonesian language is "Selamat datang" so Welcome to our site and to the rich music world of Dangdut music of Indonesia.

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